MoreMe Smart Skin Analyzer

MoreMe DBQ3-3 provides full face skin detection. It uses patented skin fluorescence and lighting technology, revealing skin problems in all three dermal layers which are difficult to identify by the naked eyes. Based on a cloud computing technology, this skin detector helps you in all your dermatological practices and improves your customer/patient relationship management.

DJM DBQ3-3 Smart Analyzer enables an image evaluation of the whole facial skin and visualizes any skin irregularities. The device is equipped with five different light-modes and you have the possibility to switch between 10 settings of skin-analysis.


  • DJM MoreMe skin detection integrates skin scans and treatment solutions.
  • Detection of the most common skin issues: Skin hydration, spot type detection, fat detection, epidermis thickness, skin colour tone, facial feature positioning, plague tendency, wrinkles, pores, acne, aging skin (through photoaging), blood capillary etc.
  • Simulation of future skin development
  • Remote online consultation for skin problems.
  • Remote unlimited cloud storage.

The MoreMe DBQ3-3 is a skin analyser that visually depicts the entire face. The device works with a patented light and fluorescence technology that reveals skin problems in all three skin layers, which are more difficult to identify with the naked eye.

  • 10 analysis modes
  • Unlimited storage
  • No more outdated software
  • 3 comparison modes
  • Software free of charge
  • A personalized report for each analysis
  • Analysis takes 15 sec.
  • Skin aging simulation
  • Comparing between different treatments
  • Light, clean & compact design
  • Freedom of movement in discussion analysis by disconnecting iPad
  • Visual representation of the progress of the skin
  • Report available as PDF or on smartphone customer using QR code

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of MoreMe Smart Skin Analyzer in the Benelux

Sunlight mode

Gently scattered light from all directions illuminates all details of the face evenly, without shadows or emphasizing the specific problems of different layers of skin. This to provide an objective and intuitive image base for a comprehensive evaluation of the facial skin.

Polarization mode

Usually, our eyes cannot see beyond the top layer of the skin because of the strong direct reflection of light on the surface of the skin. In the polarization mode, the special polarization light can effectively reduce the direct reflection light, so that we can perceive the skin color under the epidermis and the microvascular structure hidden under the shiny skin. In this mode, the aged skin becomes more transparent, revealing irregularities under the epidermis.

Texture mode

The visibility of the skin texture is enhanced by the light of this mode. It reduces the visibility of hidden skin features below the skin’s surface, improves the optical reflection of the surface, and displays the details of the surface structure, pore structure, and superficial fine lines.

UV mode

Here a small amount of harmless ultraviolet light is emitted to the facial skin. This invisible light can penetrate the skin’s surface. Below the skin’s surface, cells and tissues have the natural function of converting this invisible light into visible fluorescence. As a result, skin problems hidden underneath the skin surface can be clearly observed.

Wood’s light mode

The distribution of active sebaceous glands and oil film becomes visible in this mode. The intensity and depth of any inflammation around the sebaceous glands can be observed, namely the chloasma.

Aging mode

Due to physiological aging and damage by light, the skin color becomes uneven. In contrast to the uniform skin tone we’re born with, as we get older there will be local pigmentation in all areas of the face and the skin tone will change. The physiological aging image focuses on the subtle differences between skin color and pigmentation, so that the effect of uneven skin color at age is better recognized than the signs of surface aging, such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

Sensitivity mode

Healthy skin in sensitivity mode is pinkish white. Due to inflammation, acne, dehydration, and other reasons, we see local red flares that are deeper in the skin. The skin needs care. The red areas in the face are caused by sunlight, allergies, circulation after exercise , etc. and will disappear automatically with time and delay of circulation.

Melanin mode

In melanin mode you can clearly see the distribution of the melanin. This analysis can be used to determine the types of stains (chloasma, brown cyan nevus, age spots, etc.), whether the stain has been treated or not, and if not, what kind of treatment should be applied.

Hyperpigmentation mode

Here, the current skin analysis is combined with data from previous facial analyses, allowing the DJM cloud computer to accurately calculate the distribution and condition of future hyperpigmentation and provide a simulation of this development.

Black and white mode

In black and white mode, you can clearly see the trend of sunspots on the face, the trend of photoaging, and the distribution of pore dirt.

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of MoreMe Smart Skin Analyzer in the Benelux

Compare gradually 

Compare sideways

Comparison with axis

Comparison between different dates is possible in every mode.

In this way, as the treatment process progresses, the progress of the skin can be perfectly visualized and stored for future use, so that you can give your client the confirmation of a successful treatment once again. The relationship with the client will be reinforced even more and you will have (if allowed) an extra reference for future clients with the same complaints!

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of MoreMe Smart Skin Analyzer in the Benelux

Founded in 2016 in Germany, DJM is an expert in the field of medical machinery and equipment in the fields of beauty and cosmetics, rehabilitation and gynaecology. With a strong focus on R&D (research and development) and technology, DJM is based on IoT (Internet of Things) and through its unique operating platform is able to offer a simpler, safer and more effective treatment for customers. The customer experience is their top priority. With a global team of engineers, medical specialists, IT professionals and international associations, DJM goes beyond its role as a medical device supplier and builds a network of mutually beneficial relationships around the world.  

Their mission is to provide high quality medical devices that can be used in the beauty, rehabilitation and gynecology segment. Worldwide, they do not only provide diagnostic and treatment tools, but with their IVD technology they also offer a one-stop solution for effective and smart skin and care advice. 

Their vision is to become one of the best one-stop skin and healthcare diagnostic and treatment instrument companies serving customers around the world, using their IVD technology and major data-driven analysis as their compass.

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of MoreMe Smart Skin Analyzer in the Benelux