• MoreMe Smart Skin Analyzer

    The MoreMe Smart Skin Analyzer visualizes the entire face.

    The device works with a patented light and fluorescence technology.


    MoreMe Smart Skin Analyzer

  • ERA

    ERA™ is an all in one device easy to use with a compact and attractive design, allowing you to make facial and body treatments with long-lasting and visible results, from the first session.



  • CoviGun



  • EGO

    EGO combines the traditional and comforting value of the manual massage with all the benefits from the latest technologies in the world for a non-invasive face and body treatment.



  • GMP

    GMP 4.14s are slimming machines that use long infrared rays, professional aesthetic devices that demand no physical effort, that provide relaxation, that also effectively reduce stress and above all promote detoxification of the body.



  • SupraSculpt

    The SupraSculpt works with an innovative technology that stimulates the muscles and reduces fat at the same time.



  • 10THERA

    HIFU treatment is used for skin tightening, face lifting and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

    The 10THERA is the first 2-line HIFU device on the Belgian market!



  • 4 PLUS

    The 4Plus provides Non-invasive technology for face and body beauty.

    The device has four main features, which are reflected in its very name.


    4 PLUS

  • DMS

    The Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) is an electric vibration massage device.

    The 2-in-1 operating mode ensures a targeted and effective treatment.