Non-invasive technology for face and body

ERA™ is the little sister of the 4PLUS™ radio frequency device. 

The big difference is that the 4PLUS™ unit operates at 55W, and the ERA™ unit operates at 25W. Both devices give the same results, but with the ERA™ device they won’t be as quickly visible, so you’ll need more sessions to achieve the desired end result.

Furthermore, the ERA™ device is not compatible with the 4NFR™ treatment head.

The ERA™ radio frequency device uses several technologies that make a treatment with it truly effective: from DQRF to the stainless steel safety system and IoMT.

DQRF stands for Dynamic Quadripolar Radio Frequency and has been developed and patented by Novavision laboratories in collaboration with the best Italian universities. The dynamic quadripolar technology penetrates to the deepest tissues without touching the tissues that do not need to be treated. Moreover, with the help of the various hand devices supplied, both face and body can be treated with visible results from the very first session.

How does radiofrequency work?

When using radiofrequency, energy waves with an output of 25W are emitted onto the skin causing cells that hold a lot of water, such as fat cells or sebaceous glands, to absorb this energy and convert it to heat. Because of this process, collagen fibers in the skin are going to contract, making the skin start to tense.

The heat that is released during this process will give other cells, such as fibroblasts, a boost to work harder. Those cells in turn produce more collagen with as a result a long term, firmer and fuller skin result, and therefore less wrinkles and more elasticity.

ERA™ is provided with DQRF technology, owned by Novavision Group.

The dynamic quadripolar radiofrequency emission focus energy on the layer of the

tissue that needs treating, reducing both power needed and risks dramatically.

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of ERA in the Benelux

With the ERA™ radio frequency device, 4 hand pieces can be used. Each head can be easily connected and the device automatically displays only the treatment options appropriate for that specific head. That way it is impossible to apply incorrect, risky treatments.

Large surfaces

  • Abdomen firming
  • Gluteus firming
  • Thighs firming
  • Abdomen reshaping
  • Gluteus reshaping
  • Thighs reshaping

Medium-sized surfaces

  • Abdomen stretch-marks
  • Thighs stretch marks
  • Arms stretch marks
  • Arms firming
  • Knees firming
  • Legs firming
  • Arms reshaping
  • Knees reshaping
  • Legs reshaping

Small surfaces

  • Face lifting
  • Hands lifting
  • Décolleté lifting
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Eyes wrinkles
  • Cheeks wrinkles
  • Lips wrinkles
  • Nack wrinkles
  • Chin reshaping


Hand piece with 384 gold-plated microneedles that can penetrate the corneous layer.

  • Face dermopeeling
  • Face anti-age
  • Face hyperpigmentation
  • Face acne
  • Body dermopeeling
  • Body hyperpigmentation
  • Body stretchmark
  • Body scars

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of ERA in the Benelux

RSS™ is the safety system that ensures that ERA™ treatments are safe for both patient and operator. The Radio Frequency Safety System combines the supportive action of a motion sensor with that of temperature sensors located together in the same handheld device.

  • A system monitors the movements of the hand device so that operation is completely safe: excessive stationary position or incorrect movements are prevented, thus avoiding harmful prolonged delivery of electrical energy to the tissue.
  • A special system detects tissue temperature so the operator can verify that the effective temperature rise is achieved while protecting the patient from overheating: the system automatically counteracts excessive temperature by sending the operator a notification and, if necessary, shutting off energy emissions.
  • The RSS™ technology also protects the patient, who is fully in control during the session: thanks to biofeedback, the patient can stop treatment at any time by simply pressing a button. In other words, the patient can easily influence the course of the session if necessary.

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of ERA in the Benelux

For the patient:

  • No sick leave and 100% comfort: DQRF treatments do not involve a recovery period, so patients do not have to interrupt their daily habits.
  • ‘Lunch break sessions’ with visible results: The short sessions can easily be sch:eduled in the diary of both patient and operator and deliver immediately visible results.
  • Painless treatment: Thanks to painless procedures, the treatment is comfortable for the patient and therefore no anesthesia or cooling systems are required.
  • Non-invasive solution: DQRF technology stimulates physiological cell regeneration without damaging the treated areas.

For your practice:

  • Simple procedures, effective protocols: The patented technologies are user-friendly.
  • No :energy dispersion: Thanks to the VRF technology in the device, the problem area can be treated with a lower energy dispersion on the tissues not included in the treatment.
  • Safe for the operator: ERA™ protects both patient and operator, who can perform the treatment during the day without any time limitation, and in complete safety.
  • Training in the use of the equipment: In addition to an initial training, DEN Esthetics offers constant support for the correct use of the device, led by experienced professionals.

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of ERA in the Benelux

NovaEstetyc a business unit of Novavision Group which designs and manufactures  latest-generation equipment, develops cutting-edge biotechnologies in the field of aesthetic medicine, dermatology and gynaecology.

For over 25 years, Novaclinical professionals have been addressing the needs of a constantly evolving sector, allowing the company to retain a major role in the target


In addition, the great focus on investing in the research and development of cutting-edge technology makes the company a reliable partner, able to fully meet the requirements of professionals in the industry and end consumers.

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of ERA in the Benelux