The new body shaper for beauty salons, gyms and physiotherapists!

The new technology that effortlessly puts the body into shape

Suprasculpt is the new benchmark for aesthetic devices in 2021. Effortless and non-invasive, our device stimulates the body’s largest muscles while refining the silhouette.

Our technology works with an active neuromuscular field “WMS 2.0”. These reliable and powerful waves are non-ionizing, non-invasive and non-radiating. They have been studied in the medical community for decades. They have been proven to be safe for an intensity 4 times higher than the one we use. One experiences no pain or trauma.

The waves penetrate up to 7 cm under the skin to send impulses to the motor nerves that produce natural and effortless muscle contractions. These contractions are called “supra-maximal” and are impossible to achieve naturally in real life. 

A “supramaximal” contraction is a series of contractions without relaxation, and a truly unique one.

A classic exercise only uses 40% of your muscle, while our device makes it contract at 100%.

Up to 30 000 abdominal movements or 30 000 squats per session. This is a real innovation in the field of beauty and sport.

Just like an intense gym session, this vigorous exercise requires a high consumption of energy that is extracted directly from deep and localized fat.

6 Supra Sculpting sessions = up to 6 months of intense exercise.

Design, comfort and quality come first

Of course, you want your customers to see results. You may therefore expect the best from our slimming equipment. As a wholesaler of slimming equipment, we at Den Esthetics are open to your questions and suggestions. We also have an eye for the aesthetic side of our equipment. Our slimming machines have a modern design and are especially aimed at the comfort of your customers. The design and appearance of our muscle stimulation device is intended for modern contemporary practices.

Buying a slimming device at Den Esthetics

If you are thinking of buying a slimming device, make an appointment with our expert. You can do this easily by using the contact form on our website. Meanwhile, you can already download the brochure and find a lot of information. During the appointment, our expert will give a demo of our slimming machine and you can ask all your questions. You will then receive a detailed quotation. We will help you find exactly the equipment that suits your practice and your clients!

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of SupraSculpt in the Benelux