GMP 4.14s are slimming machines that use long infrared rays, professional aesthetic devices that demand no physical effort, that provide relaxation, that also effectively reduce stress and above all promote detoxification of the body. Unlike either conventional or infrared saunas, GMP 4.14s provoke a greater, deeper and more targeted perspiration.

In the GMP, the objective is to passively activate the metabolism. 

To achieve our goal, heat is essential to make the body perspire! Sweat plays a very important role in the functioning of the human body since we are 70% water. That water is often surrounded by toxins, so it has to be recycled.

Heat such as we find in a classic sauna or convection heat heats the surface of the skin so that the heat can penetrate the body and act on it.

The same frequency (long infrared rays with an average frequency of 9 micrometres) as that produced by body heat has been imitated so that the body accepts them and allows them to penetrate the skin up to 5 cm.

With GMP’s technology based on black tourmaline, the device works perfectly with the user to enhance the body’s strength. This method is 100% natural, effective and proven.

During a session

  1. Experience a pleasant, non-aggressive and 100% natural warmth
  2. Body temperature rises rapidly to approx. 1.8°. The heat regulation is triggered and you start perspiring.
  3. The vital functions are activated, such as the heart and blood circulation. The metabolism needs even more energy and exhausts its reserves.

Result: Up to 800kcal burned during 1 session!

Depending on the needs of the customer there are different programs.

The passive metabolic gym GMP can be used 1 to 3 times a week, one session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes at a temperature between 37 and 55 °C.

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of GMP in the Benelux

Black tourmaline is a rock full of energy and connectedness and an exclusivity of GMP. Tourmaline alone is not enough to be effective, our TourmalineV2 includes a specific process that makes the rock super-active and indestructible.

Studies show that black tourmaline emits more long infrared rays than any other technology on the market. 

It also has therapeutic value: it is a pain reliever, fights pollution and bad influences, helps with the excretion of heavy metals, reduces respiratory allergies (hay fever), relieves nervous tension and stress, reduces anxiety, improves vitality and energy, stimulates a positive attitude and suppresses negative feelings. (Source of lithotherapy).

The combination of all these methods and their expertise makes the GMP particularly effective and the technology used makes the treatment more pleasant.

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of GMP in the Benelux


The most powerful in our range and on the market, for those who demand a high level of comfort and results, with a heated massage mattress, a face opening, a touch tablet with internet connection (Netflix, live TV, YouTube, etc.).

Perfect for those who want to offer their customers results in optimal comfort.


The nicest model in our range, perfect to complement a sports activity, equipped with a movable base, an ergonomic backrest and an adjustable seat for more comfort. Ideal for those who have limited space.

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of GMP in the Benelux

  • The GMP 414 devices are fully automatic
  • Result from the first session
  • Setup of the device in just one minute
  • From the second session on, your customers can do it all by themselves
  • Operating cost: €1/session
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Net margin 98% per treatment
  • Fast and long-term profitability
  • Does not leave a scent after the session
  • No need to shower
  • Ideal for customer loyalty
  • No work required – a 220V socket is sufficient

DEN Esthetics is the exclusive distributor of GMP in the Benelux