The Deep Muscle Stimulator (DMS) is an electric vibration massage device. The 2-in-1 operating mode – a combination of vibration and shock wave – ensures a targeted and effective treatment by applying external pressure or shock to stimulate the muscles, promote blood and improve the joint mobility. The HME1-1 electric vibration massage device acts on deep muscle soft tissue through rapid and continuous mechanical vibration, effectively alleviating tissue adhesion and excessive excitement, rapidly decomposing inflammatory products and promoting metabolism, and improving the tissue environment.

The option to chose between six modes of strength as well as three different types of heads makes it possible to treat the pain targeted and most effectively.

The three heads are made of titanium; carefully chosen to guarantee a long-term life-cycle of this product.

Which kind of treatments with DMS?

  • Pain therapy
  • Fascia
  • Cellulitis
  • Soft tissue injuries (e.g. sprains and strains)
  • (local) muscle tensions
  • Breaking-up of scar tissue
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